Homebrew 4 Windows - Beverages On Screen Solution - Screen Configuration

Screen Configuration

Configuring which screens you want your digital taplist to be displayed on is easy!  BOSS supports up to three screens depending on which version you have.  Each screen can display a different layout allowing your menu to be displayed across multiple screens.  Only have one screen but more beverages that will fit on the layout – no problem!  BOSS can display the first set of beverages and then update with the next set based on the timer setting you configured on the layout.

Simple Configuration

To configure a screen or TV simply click on the “Configure Screen # Location” button for the screen you want to configure then this popup window will be displayed.  You then drag this window to the screen you want to use and then click the OK button.  Easy as that!

You can use a computer monitor or TV connected to your computer or an Amazon FireStick or Roku connected to a TV for an easy wireless connection!