Homebrew 4 Windows - Beverages On Screen Solution - The Dashboard

Dashboard & Details

The Dashboard is used to added, edit and display your digital taplist.

The Details Tab allows you to enter or edit information about your beverages.  The support of BeerXML recipe files makes entering a new beverage a quick and easy as it will fill in all of the information about the beverage for you!

BJCP Category Tab

BOSS contains the 2021 BJCP beer styles.  Simply select the style of beer and the information for that style is added to the beverage.  If you loaded a BeerXML recipe file this information has already been entered for you.

Packaging Tab

The Packaging section allows you to add the Tap Number as well as actual images of the bottle, can, growler or keg – these images can be displayed on your menu.


Here you can select the fonts and colors to be used on your menu for this beverage.  When selecting a layout you can choose to use each of the beverage fonts or configure fonts to be used for all of the beverages on the menu.

Here you can also select what information you want to make available to be displayed on your menu when available in the layout as well as select what beverage image you want to use. 

When selecting one of the available glass / can / keg styles the SRM color of the beverage will be used to color that glass.

Pricing Tab

The Professional version allows for pricing to be displayed on the menu (provided a layout that allows pricing has been selected).  Here you can select the beverage size and add pricing to for each of the sizes you select.  You can then decide which sizes you would like to display on the menu.